Why LAN?

LAN is the esports org for everyone who believes that great esports experiences shouldn't just be about winning, it should feel damn good doing it too. We source all of our esports content directly from small scale esports enthusiasts just like ourselves and make sure part of the profits are reinvested in their competitive & casual communities alike.

What we offer

LAN is the ultimate spot for frag lovers who want to learn about how to reach the next level while offering services and products that enable our partners to build a network and a reputation the organic way. We take video production, branding, marketing, and just under 2 decades of top-tier professional eSports experience seriously and we’re glad to pass that knowledge to serious team players.

We offer design & growth services that are sourced directly from independent professionals who share a passion for gaming. We’re proud to offer a variety of unique esports expressions with great love for the game and the players that keep them ticking. Check our store for pricing, or contact us directly for current availability and instructions on how to fill out a custom quote request form.

We sell a small, but carefully curated selection of esports merch, crafts, and tools for taking your esports experience to the next level. No matter if you are just a noob who has a potato for a PC (or no PC at all), or just bought your tenth rig (9900k with a 2080ti and 64gb of ram and liquid cooling), you’ll find a gadget to fall in love with in our shop because they are specifically designed to help you grow and open your eyes to interesting perspectives and esports secrets.

Our values

Mind, Body, & Spirit. At Local Area Nemesis we strive to push ourselves to be our best, and to ensure that our future selves look back with gratitude upon our current choices. We strive to spread clarity and good feelings with a focus on quality > quantity, we are interested in forging the strongest bonds. eSports are an amazing part of human culture but it has a dark side too – find out more about our eSports objectives here.

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